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Month of September
Steady U 
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Septemeber 22 not only marks the start of fall season, it is also National Fall Prevention Awareness Day. Throughtout the month, the STEADY U Ohio initiative and its partner organizations are drawing attention to the epidemic of falls amoung older adults, with a simple message: Most falls can be prevented!!

An older Ohioan falls every two mintues on average, resulting in an injury every five minutes, six emergency department visits and one hospitalization each hour, and three deaths each day. The number of fatal falls amoung older Ohioans has increased more than 167 percent since 2000.

Some mistakenly believe that falls are normal part of the aging process. It is true that our risk for falls increases as we age due mainly to body changes. 


Here are a couple things to keep those body changes in check:

  • Programs like tai chi and "A Matter of Balance" can give you tools to build balance, strenght and flexibility
  • Simply walking at least 15 mintues a day can build muscle strengh and improve balance
  • Get your vision and hearing checked annually
  • Drink plenty of fluids and eat a well-balanced diet
  • Talk to your health caare provider and ask for a falls risk assessment. Discuss your medications and history of falls



Harmful Algal Blooms

(HABs) are often called blue-green algae, are commonly found in Ohio lakes, slow-moving rivers, and ponds. There are many kinds of species of blue-green algae that do not produce toxins, but some can cause HABs. What causes HABs you may ask is when there is a shallow body of fresh water, warm temperatures, sunlight, and excessive amounts of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) in the water. 

In the right environment, the numbers of blue-green algae can increase at a rapid rate or "bloom" in a body of water. Some HABs are visible, and can be seen as a thick mats or scum on the surface of the water. These mats can vary in color, including bright green, bluish-green, or even sometimes a red or maroon. 

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Click on bathing beach and recreational water monitoring reports before you swim, for Conneaut Township Park.

 Consumer Safety is a website that will give you more information on health, nutrition, wellness. This website is to help people of all ages live better lives. Click the link to find out more