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•Promoting Good Health•

 Nursing Division Works to Help People Stay Healthy Through:


  • Health Screenings such as high blood pressure and lead poisoning.
  • Disease Investigations of communicable diseases.
  • Immunizations to children and adults* (see fee schedule).
  • Well Child Physical Exams for children up to the age of 21.
  • Health Advisories about community threats such as rabies, food poisoning outbreaks, epidemics, and emerging pathogens.
  • Cardio-Vascular Health Programs to help people make heart healthy choices for living such as tobacco use prevention, nutrition and fitness information, healthy eating habits.
  • Prevention Programs to deal with sum safety, infant safe sleep, and many other prevention topics.

          Know your ABCs: A Quick Guide to Reportable Infectious Diseases in Ohio 
           Click the link above to learn more about reporting infectious diseases

•Providing A Safe And Healthy Environment•

The Conneaut City Health Department Protects The Environment By:


  • Ensure Sanitation by inspecting restaurants and retail food establishments, campgrounds, public swimming pools, marinas and other state mandated programs.
  • Ensure Water Quality in drinking water and public swimming areas to make sure the water we drink and play in is safe and clean.
  • Monitor Waste Disposal to ensure proper disposal of sewage and solid waste.
  • Investigate, Inspect, nuisance complaints
  • Ensure our pets are vaccinated against rabies and to control pests such as rodents, mosquitoes and ticks.
  • Respond To Health Hazards caused by harmful substances (such as lead, asbestos, biological or chemical incidents)


The Conneaut City Health Department Provides Services That Focuses On:


  • Disease and Injury Prevention, through education and immunization clinics.
  • Environmental Protection for water, air and other resources.
  • Health Monitoring to keep track of health trends and potential threats to community health.
  • Enforcement of Health and Safety Codes in housing, public places and businesses  (such as restaurants).
  • Health Promotion through educational materials, workshops and safety programs.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response for disasters, including those related to homeland security (such as biological or chemical incident)
  • Health-Care Access so all people can get the care they need.


•Disease Prevention•


A key role of public health is to control the spread of infection and illness by:


  • Promoting Child Immunization Programs
  • Offering Influenza and Pneumonia Clinics to the public
  • Responding to Communicable Diseases such as e. coli, salmonella, and shigella infections (often caused by improper handling of food or poor sanitation)
  • Monitoring Disease Outbreaks including those caused by emerging pathogens, biological and chemical incidents, influenza, or any of the reportable diseases.
  • Providing Education About HIV/AIDS and other STDs as well as providing referrals for testing and other services.


Nursing Division Provides The Following:


           Hepatitis A 
           Hepatitis B 
           Td, Tdap                              $10.00 
          Hepatitis A                         $32.00
          Hepatitis B                         $38.00 
         Pneumonovax                  $89.00 
         Prevnar 13                        $168.00
T.B. SKIN TESTS                            $  10.00

(Fees Subject to Change)  

Conneaut City Health Department Is Increasing Access To Health Care Through:
Referrals: The health department links individuals to health care providers who can help meet their specific needs.
Partnerships With Health Care Providers: The health department partners with health care providers for access to special clinics such as the tuberculosis clinic.