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Environmental Health

The Conneaut City Health Department’s Division of Environmental Health is involved with a wide range of environmental programs. These programs focus on environmental factors that can affect our health and well-being. The mission of the Environmental Health Division is to prevent the spread of disease and other environmental hazards through inspections and education to the community.

Providing A Safe And Healthy Environment
The Conneaut City Health Department Protects The Environment By:
Ensure Sanitation by inspecting restaurants and retail food establishments, campgrounds, public swimming pools, marinas and other state mandated programs.
Ensure Water Quality in drinking water and public swimming areas to make sure the water we drink and play in is safe and clean.
Monitor Waste Disposal to ensure proper disposal of sewage and solid waste.
Investigate, Inspect, nuisance complaints.
Ensure our pets are vaccinated against rabies and to control pests such as rodents, mosquitoes and ticks.
Respond To Health Hazards caused by harmful substances (such as lead, asbestos, biological or chemical incidents).

The Conneaut City Health Department participates in the following state mandated inspection programs with local licensing, permits and inspections:
Food Service Operations
Vending Machines
Mobile Food Licenses
Retail Food Establishments
Body Art-Tattoo Operations and Body Piercing Operations
Public Swimming Pools
Private Water Systems
Private Water Hauler license
Household Sewage Treatment Systems (HSTS)
Public/Private School Inspection
Smoke-Free Ohio

Food Law and Rules:

The Conneaut City Health Department issues the following local registrations:
Residential Plumber Registration
HSTS Installer Registration
HSTS Hauler Registration
HSTS Service Provider Registration
Water Hauler Registration
The Conneaut City Health Department issues the following permits:
Household Septic System Permits
Sewage Hauler Permits
Household Sewage Treatment System Ohio Administrative Code: Chapter 3701-29
Sewage Treatment System Ohio Revised Code: Chapter 3718 

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