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Backflow Program

Report Suspected Cross Connections

What is a Cross Connection?

A cross connection occurs in the water distribution system at a point where potable (safe drinking water) is connected to a non-potable source. This type of connection allows pollutants and other contaminants to possibly enter the water distribution system when a "backflow" occurs. Some examples of cross connections include: (1) Wash Basins & Sinks, (2) Hose Bibs, (3) Irrigation Sprinkler Systems, (4) Swimming Pools, and (5) Reuse Water Lines.

How does one prevent a backflow event?

To prevent contamination, a backflow device must be properly installed and tested. A certified plumber must perform this test.

How do I report a possible Cross Connection?

To report a suspected cross connection, please craft a detailed email to our Water Distribution Department's Superintendent. Our current Superintendent is William Smith. He can be reached at

To read more about the Water Department Rules and Regulations, please visit the City of Conneaut Codified Ordinances HERE